Need a shop critique of your ETSY shop

Shop critique of your ETSY shop

  • Do you want more eyes on your product images during buyers Etsy searches?
  • Are you worried that your photos do not entice buyers  to click ‘Buy now’?
  • Do you need help with being found in the Etsy searches?
  • What about your product titles?
  • Wish to improve your product listing descriptions?
  • Are your prices are way too low or high?
  • Have you completed your About Page page to show your customers who you are?
  • Would you like detailed actionable feedback on your shop that you can implement to change exactly what you need to in order to have a shop that shines?

I have been selling on Etsy and have made over $100 000 US in sales and have helped many etsy sellers improve their stores, to be found and of course make sales.

During 2016 through to mid- 2017, I was in a full-time job and had to close my store a few times, so that I could cope working a full-time job and trying to fulfill sales that were almost sale a day. At this point I wasn’t even working on my ETSY store, I was able to make makes sales on product listings I made long before and then renewing them on a sale…

Then in mid-2017 I stopped working in my full-time role and focused on spending more time with my family, as well as completing a MBA part-time and of course still continuing selling jewelry in my ETSY store making more sales, while not working full-time, contributing towards our family income.

Now I would like to help others grow their etsy store with more visitors and turn them into sales, so if you need help then I can help you with a shop critique, by reviewing your etsy store.

What is includes in your shop critique?

I will look at your store and review 5 things to look at and take action. These 5 things will be things that pops out to me immediately that requires the most amount of work or that is working for your store, based on my experience of selling successfully on ETSY for over 5 years.

If you wish me to critique something specific such as titles, description, SEO, photos, please let me know.

What you will receive?

A single page pdf that contains your Mini Critique of 5 things.

This will be completed within 3 business days of you purchasing and directing me to your shop/website.

How will it work?

After you purchase the Mini Critique. I will contact you to confirm your ETSY or other shop URL link. I’m usually able to complete your critique pdf within 1-3 business days and will let you know if there are any delays.

How much does this cost?

$49.00 AUD

# Bonus 1 : After you have made your changes, let me know what you have focused on and I will take a look at your shop, to ensure that everything is in sync. – 30 min Coaching: Value $49.50

# Bonus 2 : Checklist – Checklist – 30 day improve your etsy shop challenge: Value $49













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